Potash in Brazil


  • Population 589 million
  • Account for approximately 10 percent of world fertilizer consumption
  • Abundant land, water and labor make it an agricultural superpower
  • Produces about 60 percent of global coffee supply and approximately half of the world’s soybeans and sugar
  • Corn is also grown for export and to feed domestic livestock industry
  • Soils in Brazil are naturally deficient in potassium and require potash to remain productive
  • Limited domestic potash production capability — more than 80 percent of potash is imported
  • Brazil’s corn acreage is expected to increase significantly, particularly the Safrinha, or second crop, that is planted after the soybean harvest. A significant decline in sugar production this year led to higher sugar prices and the incentive for farmers to replant and increase sugar acreage.

(All numbers are in tonnes)

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